Cuckoos Fighting Image wins RPS Ribbon at 37th Smethwick International Exhibition
05th December 2011
Richard's image of two male cuckoos fighting in mid-air has been awarded an RPS Ribbon at the 37th Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography.
Images go on Sale at Wicken Fen National Trust Shop
04th December 2011
A selection of Richard's images (including many taken at Wicken Fen) have gone on sale at the National Trust's visitor centre shop at Wicken Fen. These include the image of the Short-eared Owl featured on BBC Autumnwatch Unsprung on 2011-11-11 and the Brown Hare which won an award at The Wrekin Salon 2011.
Brown Hare Image gains Honourable Mention in Wrekin Salon
24th November 2011
The results for the Wrekin Salon 2011 have been announced with Richard's Brown Hare image gaining an Honourable Mention award.

The results can be viewed here:

BBC Autumnwatch shows Short-eared Owl Image live
11th November 2011
The BBCs Autumnwatch Unsprung programme featured a flight image of a Short-eared Owl flying directly towards the camera. This image was taken at the National Trusts Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire.

Another image of a Short-eared Owl hunting has also been featured on the BBCs "red button" service.
BBC Autumnwatch Choose Short-eared Owl image as "Photo of the Day"
02nd November 2011
BBC Autumnwatch have chosen one of Richard's Short-eared Owl images as their "Photo of the Day" on Flickr.

This image was taken at the National Trusts Wicken Fen.
Wicken Fen Vision Blog features Owl Images
30th October 2011
The blog of the Wicken Fen Vision Warden has featured links of images of Short Eared, Little and Barn Owls taken by Richard Nicoll.


The Short Eared Owls have just arrived having presumably migrated from the continent. They have been interacting with the resident Kestrels with some spectacular aerial displays. Well worth a visit.